Why Choose IPNM

Our commitment

Our commitment is to ensure that our clients succeed through planning and taking career moves. IPNM’s purpose is “To take individuals, who are committed to building worthwhile careers, through a journey of career options, training programs, credentialing, technical school programs and development recommendations in order to strategically position them for successful and sustainable careers”.

Our Core Values

Our organization endeavors to be outstanding and exceptional in our niche. With new technologies that have empowered organizations to seek out and compare an endless array of professionals from around the globe, the job market has never been tighter. We have adopted grassroots, peer-driven approach to develop a culture of quality where we have peers supporting each other to be above others in the market. We support our professionals to be outstanding and exceptional….Just as we are!

We invest time and energy in supporting our clients achieve their growth goals as well as help them create value and be strategically positioned for opportunities while infusing a sustainability strategy through guiding them in defining their ambitions and building roadmaps towards achieving them


Comprehensive career programs

We delight in delivering exceptional programs with comprehensive training through our networks and collaborating institutions. These are directly transferable to the workplace. Our programs are based on needs analysis in the work environments and provide exposure to different workplace culture and communication and/language training.

Reputable mentors and coaches

Learn from the highest quality of mentors and coaches. Our Partners are professionals with highly esteemed reputations and take great delight in supporting individuals to succeed. Their reputations and networks are a huge asset to our organization.

Connections with employers

IPNM has built meaningful networks and long-term relationships with hundreds of employers. We have a reputation for referring to them as exemplary professionals, and these employers always come back to us wanting more.

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